4 inch WALER with WEDGE

Straightens the wall using 2x4 with a wedge to hold forms tight and secure.

Wedge can be locked in the up position, allowing for one man operation.

If used on the 6 Bar system, this bracket eliminates the need to align the top of the forms. 


The answer to straight and true walls - DURAFORM. 

Top Waler allows concrete to be poured to the top of the forms.
Top Walers can be used to provide a stepped-in ledge to support top panels for stepped walls.

Perfect solution for brick ledge problems. Placing top walers at alternating joints accurately aligns the top of the wall by locking with a wedge. Constructed of 7 gauge steel. 


Straightens formed wall holding dimensional lumber to back of form panels.

Available in 6 HD, 8 HD, 10 HD, and 12 HD. All HD Walers have additional stiffleg for heavy duty support.

Attach to panels by locking on the accessory bolt. 

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