Our forms are manufactured using plywood that is rated by the American Plywood Association as being the optimum configuration for concrete forming applications. The plywood is 1 1/8" 11 Ply Structural 1 Douglas Fir with a 100/100 High Density Overlay. Our premium grade provides maximum resistance to moisture and minimal splintering.

We strongly urge our customers to use a true concrete form release agent. This will not only protect the premium plywood but provide a good release from the wall when stripping. New forms will require a generous application, but as the Overlay becomes more pliable, less agent will be required over the life of the form. Treating the chamfer edge and inside the rout where the Overlay meets will enhance the stripping speed and further protect the form. Care in this manner will greatly contribute to the life of the form and add many more pours.

DURAFORM manufactures ties in length from 4" to 86". We custom make longer sizes. Basically, any wall thickness can be poured using the proper length tie and using proper pouring and safety practices. Our unique latch allows the ability to double tie in these situations.

The DURAFORM crimp tie is designed so it will not spin in the wall when you are stripping green concrete. This helps to reduce water leakage in the wall in conjunction with plugging the tie hole. The crimp in the tie also helps secure the rebar. Our consistent break back helps in the speed factor when stripping the forms.

We have seen contractors set walls as high 16' and even 20' high with the 6 bar spacing system. As long as you properly put the correct walers and bracing, double tie. Job site conditions vary, we strongly urge consulting with your ready mix supplier to use a proper mix and rate of pour. ALWAYS USE PROPER SAFETY AND POURING PROCEDURES.

Unlike some other systems, the DURAFORM concrete forming system does not use a footing strip. Our forms simply "free-float" on the footing upon hand setting, adding to a superior speed advantage. With our concrete forming system, there is no need for a perfectly level footing.

Any professional contractor looking for a faster way to produce quality concrete walls or builder looking to keep work in house.

No one else can offer the superior blend of quality products, dependable service, competitive pricing, and people who want to see their customers and their customers business succeed. Our story is their story!

The DURAFORM system is just simply much faster to put up. All the hardware is already attached and you can immediately start hand setting in place. The DURAFORM wood form system is also lighter in weight in comparison to a steel ply form. Unless your application requires a gang form, tilt up set up, DURAFORM is the right choice.

The first advantage is the most obvious. Cost. The average DURAFORM set usually cost about a third of the price of an aluminum set. The cost of accessories and wall ties adds further to the price advantage of the DURAFORM system. The DURAFORM system is also easier to place PNP windows and vents. Remember, being able to nail through our wood form system is an advantage. Some aluminum form systems also require a footing strip. Some aluminum form systems require release agents at first to season when new, then change at various pours in the systems use. They are generally more expensive, too. Our system requires only one type.

We know our system is superior and this is not just an opinion. Historically, we were the first to manufacture a 1 1/8" forming system with attached hardware. The design was so efficient that very soon there were copies of the DURAFORM wood form system being manufactured. If it wasn't the best, who would copy it? The design was such a hit, DURAFORM got out of the steel ply business and started to use much higher quality raw materials in it's wood form system. Our competitors did the complete opposite. Even today, DURAFORM's standards are well known.

Our system has been used for projects ranging from manure pits to shear walls, and large footings. We manufacture forms up to 10' tall. We make them from 24" down to 4" wide. We have even custom made them on the 1/2 " and 1/4". They can be nailed into, screwed into, drilled into, banded over and scabbed. You can even cut them. Can't do that with aluminum! Our wide assortment of inside and outside corners allow for any configuration of bends or jogs, pilasters or stem walls. We even make hinge corners and fixed pieces to form angle walls for bay and bow windows. And yes, we even made custom corners too. We've proven to be the choice for residential, agricultural, and light commercial concrete wall projects.

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